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    This is the default installation of xt:Commerce Forking project H.H.G. multistore. All items are presented to demonstrate the operation. If you order products, so these are not delivered, nor is charged. All information on the various products are invented and therefore can not claim to be derived.

    If you are interested in the program, which is the basis for this shop, so visit please support the site of H.H.G. multistore.

    The text can be shown here in the Admin Interface at the point Content Manager - entry index edited.
    Welcome to our current demo shop H.H.G. multistore Enterprise Edition (EE)

    The access data for the admin area are:
    E-Mail: admin@demo.tld
    Password: admin

    This installation reflects a common system installation of our shop.
    We have 2 shops, which act as clients, these two shops look like ordinary shops in the retail mode, the URLs are:

    1. https://multistore.hhg-multistore.com
    2. https://multishop.hhg-multistore.com

    In addition, we have three more shops, shopping mall configured, your customers can be in three shops so move in a major shopping portal or in the real world with a shopping gallery.

    Their URLs are:

    1. https://ecommerce.hhg-multistore.com
    2. https://shopsoftware.hhg-multistore.com
    3. https://shopsystem.hhg-multistore.com

    An overview of the shops can be found here:

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    All e-mails triggered by the system under http://www.trashmail.de/index.php?search=hhg-multistore can be retrieved.

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